Al Kaitoob Advocates & Legal Consultants specializes in providing professional legal advice and representation before all arbitration forums in the United Arab Emirates. We have successfully handled multi-million dollar arbitration proceedings seated at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) as well as the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre (TAHKEEM).

Our Arbitration practice group consists of a multi-national team of highly qualified attorneys who are well-versed in the local arbitration laws as well as the institutional rules governing various stages of arbitration proceedings. This expertise includes considerable experience with the legal procedures critical to enforcement and nullification of domestic arbitral awards.

The Firm’s scope of services for arbitration – whether conducted in English or Arabic – covers all stages of the arbitration process, including:

  • Fulfilment of pre-arbitration conditions specified in contractual clauses
  • Conclusion of pre-arbitration settlements through conciliation
  • Selection of arbitrators, co-arbitrators and local experts
  • Strategic coordination and management of the arbitration proceedings in compliance with UAE procedural and evidentiary laws and institutional rules and procedures
  • Well-drafted pleadings with exceptional citation of legal authorities, including prevailing federal and local laws and persuasive legal precedents of the local courts
  • Post-arbitration enforcement or nullification procedures

Our talented team of arbitration lawyers hails from both common law and civil law jurisdictions and holds professional certifications in local arbitration. They stay up-to-date with the latest developments in arbitration law and can always be counted on for expert counsel, strategic advice and outstanding results.

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