At Al Kaitoob Advocates & Legal Consultants, we take a modern approach to traditional legal problems. Our clients continually face new 21st century issues – which demand fresh and creative solutions and a willingness to search beyond precedent.

Our law firm – with all its talent, history and energy – is unique in the GCC and the Middle East. We are aggressive advocates with a proven track record of delivering real results to our loyal clients.

We stand poised to serve everyone with the same expertise found in large multinational firms, but with personable service at an affordable cost.


Al Kaitoob Advocates & Legal Consultants is helping to set the standard for a new generation of attorneys and law firms with our approach to legal fees and related costs. We offer:

  • Realistic expectations
  • Creative solutions
  • Affordable cost

We are easy to work with. Many of our business clients appreciate the fact that we can also assist them with their personal matters like home mortgages, investments and civil issues. There is value in having one law firm – who knows you – handle all your business and personal legal needs.

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